What Is It About Hammocks?

  • Posted on: 21 April 2015
  • By: Pilot

There is something very special about hammocks but I just can't put my finger on it. Probably because every exotic beach location has them hanging from their palm trees. There are in all those exotic photos that show nothing but a deserted beach with crystal clear water and an empty hammock. Just the sight of that makes you wish you were there instead of on a train, on your couch or stuck at work. I think that is it. The fact that every photo of exotic locations with hammocks in them has created a stereotype that hammocks belong in these places. So when you see a hammock you think ahh take me away to paradise. Or maybe its just because it literally is a floating bed that can be setup and taken down quickly nearly anywhere. How cool is that!? Sure hammocks have a tendency to be at exotic paradise locations with nice white sand and crystal clear bluey green water but they are also a great sunbed that can be taken anywhere. After all that is what you do on those deserted beaches right? Kick back and do nothing. Ok well maybe you might throw in some nice alcoholic beverages, you know those ones with the fancy straws and little umbrellas. Ahh yes. The good old beach cocktail. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a guy drinking those things, and he doesn't have to be queer. I mean come on. What else do you do on a deserted beach, apart from get some sun rays, sipping some sweet drinks and of course kick back in a hammock. Yep hammock life is pretty sweet. To me they just represent chilled life. Whenever I walk into a persons house and see one strung up in their backyard or on a balcony that person instantly gets respect from me. I get it. Hammocks are the bomb. When you have one in your own pad you can literally escape anytime you want. Just jump in your hammock put on some headphones to block out the noise around you and close your eyes. Right then apart from the smell and climate you might as well be anywhere in the world. That's what meditation is all about right? Transporting your mind to another place.You can do it when you have a good breathing control and focus routine down. I think the hammock could be a missing link for a lot of people who can't really unwind and relax. So go on give it a go. Getting a hammock is super easy they are not hard to find. Strapping it up successfully without it falling down with you peacefully in it is another issue altogether tho. But will enough trial and error I am sure you will work it out.