Best Places to Get Up Close With Orangutans Around Malaysia

  • Posted on: 13 June 2015
  • By: Pilot

This article is devoted to tell you the very best locations to see Orangutans.

Orangutans are native to the islands of Borneo and Sumatra - and there are quite a few forest reserves the place wild populations are still discovered, as well as rehabilitation centres and sanctuaries, with most occurring in Borneo. There's a few places to see the orangutans in Malaysia and Borneo, and it depends on whether you'd prefer to see them in the wild or in one of the rehabilitation centres. If you ever get the chance spend some time volunteering at the Orangutan Venture at Matang Wildlife Centre in Malaysian Borneo. Then you will get the oppportunity to work extremely close with wild elephants and orangutans in the rainforest. Most likely the very best place in Malaysia to see wild orangutans in pristine habitat. The problem is most of the forest around Danum is logged.

Sepilok rehabilitation centre is without doubt one of the biggest and most well-known orangutan sanctuaries in Malaysia. Some people this Rehabilitation centre is the best place to get to get up close and personal with Orangutans. However others have stated this place has become over commercialised. The tourist agencies seem to care more about how much money they can get from tourists than actually caring for the Orangutans. What was once the rehabilitation centre is now known as the Orangutan Centre. Chances are you'll not even see them in Semenggok and its a relatively unhappy place.

There are some tours that will provide breakfast and they you will visit the Semenggoh orangutan rehabilitation centre just in time to see the orangutan feeding. Sabah within the north of Borneo has a number of wildlife sanctuaries where you possibly can visit and see the Orangutan up close.

You may also be asking the question what is the most effective place to see wild Orangutan in Borneo? Orangutan encounters are achievable in Borneo and the neighbouring Indonesian island of Sumatra. The best thing about these places is you can see orangutans in the wild. There are a few locations you possibly can go to see the Orangutan in Sumatra Indonesia. Our vacation spot is the jungle of Borneo to see the orangutan in its pure environment.

Most excursions to Sabah embrace a visit to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre to see orangutans in semi-wild circumstances, but you may also see them in the wild at Danum Valley Conservation Space and alongside the Kinabatangang River. It is an attractive, calm place to see those wild orangutans. Crocodiles and proboscis monkeys are two of the most commonly seen species, but this is also a great spot to search for wild orangutans and you can also find pygmy elephants. Orangutans, Borneo pygmy elephants and other animals dwell in this a part of Sabah too. Journey back to Kuching, stopping at Semenggoh Orangutan Centre on the best way for the chance to see semi-wild orangutan.

For two days and one evening we lived on the Sekonyer River, visiting the Orangutan camps, recognizing wild monkeys and Proboscis monkeys within the bushes along the river banks. Unfortunately spotting a wild Orangutans or Asian Elephants can never be guaranteed, but your chances are very high. You possibly can see wild orangutans by your self and go for a river cruise in Kinabatangan without booking overpriced excursions. This is your best likelihood to see among the wild orangutans with the group of individuals around. Our vacation spot for this journey are the jungles of Bukit Tigapuluh in Sumatra (Jambi Province positioned in Central Sumatra) to see the orangutan in its pure environment and likewise visit the Open Orangutan Sanctuary.

We're determined to return to Borneo sooner or later to see orangutans where they honestly belong: within the wild. Which means that sadly there are only a few locations left to spot wild orangutans in Borneo; certainly one of which is Sabah in Japanese Borneo, which is the place we headed next to continue our search. Beneath is an inventory of locations to see wild orangutans in Malaysia followed by a short clarification of sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers where orangutans could be observed up shut, but in captivity.