The Difference between First Class and Business Class

  • Posted on: 17 October 2017
  • By: Pilot

If you always fly in economy class, you might have difficulties differentiating between first and business class. The difference is not that significant, hence the confusion.

The two differ a little in regards to:

The Seats

When it comes to seats, it always boils down to the extra mile airlines go to make your flight as comfortable as possible. The seating also depends on the length of the flight on both the first and business class.

First class: In first class on long-haul international flights, you may find lie-flat seats and aisle access. Airlines like Etihad come with a living room and bedroom, along with an all ensuite bathroom.

Business class: Even though the seating is not as luxurious as the first class, it’s still something to write home about. The comfortable recliner or angled lie flat seats will heighten your experience of relaxing.

The Food and drinks

Here’s where the major difference will be realized. Those extra bucks you pay for first class definitely go a long way when it comes to this two.

First class: Dining in first class cabins is quite the experience. You get to enjoy the delicious and thoughtful menu prepared by top-notch chefs. You can as well indulge in the finest selection of wines handpicked by master sommelier or wine experts.

Business class: You don’t get to experience interesting food from renowned chefs, but the food quality is still great. In some airlines, you can enjoy food and drink with your fellow passengers.

The Amenities

The amenities vary from one airline to the next.  And some airlines are making great strides to ensure their passengers are comfortable.

First class: You’ll find a wide range of luxurious and bespoke complimentary comfort items offered in first class flights. They range from pajamas, duvets, socks, colognes/perfumes, complimentary amenity kit, pillows, sleep masks and more.

Business class: The amenities offered are often similar to that of the first class apart from a few luxury items like colognes and pajamas.

The Waiting Rooms and Lounges

The airport lounges are the oasis of peace, comfort and delight. However, some waiting lounges are an epitome of modern comfort, luxury and style.

First Class: Some first class airport lounges are a true definition of epitome luxury and elegance. You get to experience the ultimate VIP treatment.

Business class: You’ll certainly not get any special treatment, but the lounges are quiet and offer relatively comfortable chairs, wifi and tasty treats.